Knowing About Escorts


Knowing About Escorts


Prostitution is the practice of engaging into sex acts or sexual relations in exchange of payment. The person working in this field is called escort or sex worker. Prostitution is legal or illegal from country to country. It is also considered as taboo in certain countries. Therefore, an escort does not want to display his/her profession to the public.

Types of Escorts

An escort can either be self-employed or be employed by any escort agency. But they usually do not work in brothel or bar. Nowadays, two types of escorts are found. When clients come to meet the escort, then, the escort is known as incall escort. When the escort comes to meet the client, then, the escort is called outcall escort. The main aim of Pune escorts is to provide the best sexual services to their customers.

The client can get the services of escort only after taking his/her appointment via telephone. Also, one can book for escort services with the help of escort agency. Clients can get telephone number either from escort agencies or from small advertisement he/she publishes in magazines, newspaper or internet.

The self-employed Pune escorts have and maintain their own website so that they can promote themselves over the internet. This is because internet is the main medium to find desired customers for them. The website mainly contains a picture of the escort, along with professional information like the type of sexual services they provide. They also provide their own characteristics so that the number of customers gets increased. Some of the websites also have photo galleries of the escort.

Role of Escort Agencies

The main work of the escort agency is to provide suitable escorts to satisfy their customers. At first, it arranges meeting between anyone of its escorts and the customer in hotel room or in the house of customer. They provide escorts for both longer and shorter durations as preferred by the customers. In case of longer duration, the escort has to stay or travel with the customer on a holiday.

There are mainly three types of escort agencies- female for female escort agencies, male for male escort agencies and female for male agencies. Some of the escort agencies also provide transsexual escorts.                                                                                                                                                                                

Escort agencies recruit escorts based on the needs of their customers. So, they recruit escorts of different appearances and ages.

The escorts usually provide their services at an affordable rate. If the customer prefers self-independent escort, then, total payment is given to him/her. However, when escorts are provided by escort agencies, payment is divided between escorts and escort agencies. So, it is better to prefer self-independent escorts. Additional fees are charged by the escort agencies if there are additional requirements of the customer. Their main goal is to provide the best service to their customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The escorts always try to follow the rules and regulations of the country. This is done to safeguard and protect their identity. Rules are even followed to prevent any illegal activities. The escort always try to maintain their health as they are at high risk of having AIDS and HIV. So, they always take preventive measures while offering sexual services.